What is Qigong?

Monday, 26 July 2010 19:12 | 0 comments
Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung)  simply means to work with energy. This work is referred to as practice. Chi energy is the vital life force within your body.

This vital life force within you is connected to all things in nature and in the universe. This connection, between the energy in you and the energy in nature and in the universe, is  fluid and interactive. The separations we perceive between “us and the world” are more like a permeable, transparent  membrane than a hard wall.

As you do “QiGong” and “work with energy” you discover a whole new support system for your life. This new support is your increased capacity to take in energy, regulate energy in your body, and move with energy . With an active energy support system as your foundation you can experience yourself, others and your environment in a  new, vibrant, powerful and exciting way.

Here at PacificTao we say QiGong gives you the keys to achieve a Happy, Healthy, Abundant Long Life. To learn how you can benefit in your life from a QiGong practice, we have created a GUIDE to help you get started.

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