The Five Taoist Secrets to a Rich Life

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Have you ever wondered how to find the keys to happiness amidst the complexity and chaos of today’s culture? Master Mantak Chia, world-renowned Taoist teacher, presents these secrets to the public with the blessings of his lineage teachers. Mastering these invaluable practices will promise to bring students the freedom to develop a rich, full and healthy life; the ability to nurture a fulfilling relationship filled with love, honor and respect; the knowledge to develop a loving family; and the skill to become a respected, supportive member of your community and the world.  

What are the five Taoist secrets to a rich life?

1. Cultivate and build your Internal Energy (Chi) for healing the body, mind, and spirit. Health is the most precious gift we have. Your Chi is your life; more Chi equals better health. Knowledge of the precise pathways of the energy system forms the core of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese meditation and Chinese internal martial arts. Learn to fill your energetic pathways with Chi to remove blockages at the deepest level of existence and watch your life fill with vitality!


2. Learn to reprogram your emotions. Learn how to direct positive energy into the organs and bones of your body. Through this practice, it is possible to free yourself from the negative influence of enculturation, childhood trauma, stress, and more.

3. Introduce “gentle flowing” into every aspect of your life. Enhance your movements with grace and agility and have a positive impact on your life. Learn the principles and practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung short form, and integrate your body movement and skeletal structure.

4. Learn healing love. Learn to attain a harmonious life and create loving relationships by transforming your procreative energy into life force energy. By transforming this energy into life force energy, you will reap the benefits of being able to harmonize and balance yourself with this potent force without being driven or controlled by it. This life force energy can be used for healing and creative expression.

5. Learn to develop the immovable force. Stand like a tree and practice the ancient art of Iron Shirt Chi Kung. Iron Shirt Standing Meditation (YiQuan), an ancient practice that strengthens the internal organs, roots the self solidly, and unifies physical, mental, and spiritual health, will empower your life force to attain your goals.

Through ancient Taoist practices, you can create the mental clarity and flow of Chi required to restore your original, energetic self and construct the happy, fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of!

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