Grand Master Mantak Chia Returns to London

Sunday, 09 October 2011 08:02 | 0 comments
This Fall, Grand Master Mantak Chia returns to London, England for 6 days to teach the foundational practices of Taoist Internal Alchemy.  Master Chia's trainings at Heythrop College will begin October 28, 2011 with a Friday evening lecture from 7pm to 9pm on the Supreme Inner Sexual Alchemy.  This special presentation, focusing on Healing Love and Vitality, will be affordable to the general public and  free to everyone booking another course with Master Chia.

The weekend courses will cover the basic beginning practices of Supreme Inner Alchemy as taught by Master Mantak Chia.  The practices of Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile and MicroCosmic Orbit lay the foundations for all continued studies in the Universal Healing Tao system and will be covered on Saturday and Sunday.

With the comprehensive background of the beginning practices, students will then be taught the Sexual Alchemy of Healing Love, the strengthening Iron Shirt and the revitalizing Tao Yin.  Opening the MicroCosmic Orbit and clearing the organs of stored negative emotions as learned in the weekend courses, will prepare students to benefit more fully from the more advanced practices.

The final day, November 3, is a special class on Stem Cell Chi Kung teaching regenerative exercises that support anti-aging and longeveity through strengthening of the immune system.

For all students in the area, Pacific Tao recommends to take advantage of this rare opportunity to train with one of the world’s most famous Chi Kung Masters, Mantak Chia.  For complete information on courses, venue and registration of Grand Master Chia's return to London, check our Events List.

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